What is the Characteristic of Honing?

May 12,/2022

Honing is a high-efficiency machining method that makes the workpiece surface achieve high precision, high surface quality, and long life. It can effectively improve dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and reduce Ra value, but it cannot improve the quality of holes and other surfaces. position accuracy.
② It can process cast iron parts, hardened and unhardened steel parts and bronze parts, etc., but it is not suitable to process non-ferrous metal parts with high toughness.

Honing is mainly used for hole machining. In hole honing, the center of the original machined hole is used for guidance. The machining aperture range is φ5~φ500, and the aspect ratio can reach 10.
④ Honing is widely used to process cylinder holes, cylinder barrels, valve holes and various gun barrels in mass production. It can also be used in single piece and small batch production.
⑤ The coaxiality cannot be determined during honing.
⑥ Compared with grinding, honing has the characteristics of reducing manual labor, high productivity, and easy automation.